Monday, October 22, 2007

A Great Evening at Angel Hair Yarns

Tonight was simply wonderful!!! Thanks so much to Andrea and Pam who hosted a fabulous evening with Cheryl Schaefer of the famous Schaefer Yarn Company. Cheryl is a delight - her stories are so interesting and very amusing. I laughed so much I finally had to go pee or there would have been a puddle on the floor. Cheryl arrived in Nashville not feeling too well, but thanks to Tina Meares (hope I spelled your name correctly) and her husband who is a doctor, Cheryl was feeling much better and her voice was pretty strong.
Despite the heavy rains, Angel Hair was pretty crowded and I think we all enjoyed ourselves - especially being able to stay and shop afterward. That is always a joy!!

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Liana said...

Hey Barb.......yup, I had it on my list to go tonight but I just didn't feel like it, especially after being on vacation all of last week, today was tiring!! She was also at Threaded Bliss yesterday but I have to tell you......I didn't get in my car any day last week and it was wonderful. I probably won't make it tomorrow eve either because I've got to get some grocery shopping done. But then who knows, maybe I'll show up, you never know.

Thanks for the kind words about our place, we absolutely love it out here too. It's very peaceful, not much traffic noise. sometimes you'll hear an ATV in the neighborhood, but other than that, it's very quiet!

See you soon.